This November 3rd I will be on the general election ballot as a registered Independent candidate for KY Senate District 7.  I respectfully submit for your consideration that I am the candidate best prepared to serve.  If elected, my combined public and private sector employment experiences listed in my biography will serve me well in representing all people in KY Senate District 7 and the Commonwealth.

As an “independent voice” I will advocate for public policies that best serve the needs of “We The People,” versus the interests of the political parties.  To become and remain successful in our endeavors to restart, rebuild and sustain the economies within all jurisdictions of the Commonwealth, we must all strive for better collaboration with a keen focus on the principles of continuous improvement and respect for each other.  While we will never agree on everything, we must again learn to agree on somethings to ensure the strength of our Commonwealth for generations to come. 

I respectfully ask for your support and stand ready to serve if given the honor and privilege to represent all people of KY Senate District 7.